Friday, April 24, 2009

The sweetness of a Friday

Tomorrow: Hanging out with Mommie...we're going to the Jacksonville Green Expo, and maybe the Butterfly Festival. Husby's interested in the Expo too, hopefully his head will cooperate and allow him some out-in-public time...
Sunday: recoup from all that walking, plant more cat grass, clean, etc.

This week went by quickly. Finished that sock, but was too mentally spent in the evenings to do much else. Plus I've been making the effort to a) cook a decent meal occasionally at dinnertime, and b) keep a clean kitchen. Hilarious how much better I feel with clean dishes and counter space.. Food's been good too....did tilapia in a scampi sauce last night, seriously yummy!

Wish I had time to hit the Riverside Arts Market...will definitely be looking to do that next weekend. Reading about Hanna has me thinking of ways to spread the word about her foundation close to home. Haven't been to the RAM yet, but apparently it's frickin' huge, plus there's a nice big tent specifically for children to do arts and crafts. We never have extra dough, but I'd love to make flyers to hand out there, maybe wear a sandwich board advertising Hanna's Dream. Have to think about it some maybe I could organize a donation day, get a booth at the market, and folks could bring their donations and art supplies. Or tack in on with Worldwide Knit in Public day here in town, or the Stitch n' Pitch thing they're doing at one of the Jax Suns games in June...great opportunities, just gotta make the effort.

When Meara was in secondary school, she had to perform X amount of hours of community service in order to graduate. That absolutely baffled me at the time, because I hadn't had to do anything of the sort to get my completely average butt out the door to college, thank goodness. But life is about change, and with all the blogs I read now and the way my political views have shifted, I see just how vital the concept of service your community and beyond. It's so easy to go through life with blinders on, watching out for number one, but the rewards when you do reach out far outweigh the effort expended. I pray I can make good on at least one of those ideas above.

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