Friday, April 10, 2009

Blissful, delicious Friday

One of the few things I like about having a straight job...the structure. When I worked at the theater 100 years ago, my days off were usually like, Tuesday or Wednesday, and weekends were grueling, with midnight shows and Saturday 10 a.m.'s. I appreciate me a good Friday now.

Heh, wasn't even trying for the pun...been feeling pretty darn agnostic lately, seriously over anything remotely related to organized religion or church. I dig the Unitarians, but when you're only in the mood for feeling philosophical, the social change aspect of that religion can be tiresome.

Melanie: "Well, technically, an egg-white omelet isn't really an omelet."
Martin: "Look, I don't want to get into a semantic argument over it, I just want the protein."
Paraphrased from Grosse Pointe Blank

Plus my pastor is retiring and moving to the West Coast. Now granted, haven't darkened the doorstep of the place in going-on 2 years (dang...lapsed Catholic is one thing, but lapsed Unitarian? You gotta be some kind of lazy to pull that off), but I really enjoyed the guy—he's intelligent, well-read, and an interesting speaker. So I feel like I'm searching again. Part witch, part Buddhist, part....hmm...

Work's been very busy lately and I'm feeling a little shredded. This weekend will be a combo plate of relaxation and small efforts of diligence. There's organizing and planting and always dishes and laundry and family and lately, Dad in the background slipping into my thoughts with frequency again, as we creep quickly toward the 2-year mark. That ache takes its sweet damn time abating.

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