Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Getting back to real life

I'm in a grumpy place this week. My knees are still ornery at times, my female clock is off, and this work thing gets old fast. Add a couple of 80 degree days (yuck!) and my co-boss being off the rest of the week (meaning added responsibility for me) and you have a recipe for a little grey cloud over my head.

I ache with the news of Natasha Richardson's accident. I think it's a combination of watching the new Parent Trap lately (it's been on Encore lately...I consider it LiLo's best flick, and Richardson's comic timing was delightful), and the knowledge I have of her family's situation, having someone close fall ill quickly and deteriorate rapidly. Going on 2 years later and I still want to scream with rage when I think about it.

Damn, that work thing is encroaching on my blog posting...gotta go!

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