Monday, February 02, 2009

Found my dining room!

On Sunday, right where I left it, damnedest thing! Moved some stuff out to the porch, some more stuff just around, and there it was, floor space and an almost clean table for eating, projects, etc. Realized I love having a "desk" separate from the computer table tho'...and the whole area needs some more thought, because I'm pretty sure we're stuck in that blasted apartment for another 7 months after this may as well make it a little more livable.

Worked mainly on the sweater this weekend, because I'm close to changing colors on it...dug out my Fixation (2 balls of pink, 1 yellow) and will be pondering sock patterns this week too.

Spent Saturday with my mom, we went to the Sister to Sister Heart Health show...a good reminder of the things I need to work on.

Moved an old end table and all my gardening equipment out to the porch...will be deciding on seeds and supplies this week.

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Alexa said...

LET ME KNOW WHAT SEEDS you're contemplating before you blow cash on them. We're taking a trip to the post office before Tuesday, so get me your list ASAP if you want free seeds, some saved from things I've grown (like cherry tomatoes).