Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Rallying...again...and again...and...

Today dawned sunny, clear, and cold. I woke up and grumbled my way out of bed to hit the shower and realized that the grumbling was mainly general going-to-work grumblies, not the wound-tight-as-an-f'ing-drum feeling I had yesterday. Relief. Serious relief.

Planning a baby shower for a colleague at work...that should help too. I'm still stinging from the idea that January is a wash in the baby department, but am planning to talk with Husby about it.

Taking us camping for our anniversary this year (10!)...there's a state park with cheap cabins up in Fair Play, SC, that's in close proximity to a line of state parks along the Blue Ridge borders...hoping to get some fresh air and hiking in. The cabins are climate-controlled, so it'll be easier on the ole lifemate, plus weather won't be such an issue with a roof over our heads. I've learned from the soggy (make that drenching) May trip last year.

Well, as long as I'm at work...::sigh::

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