Monday, January 19, 2009


Sleepy. Sore. Did a really small amount of yoga yesterday, and my right knee's telling me in no uncertain terms that I need to do a lot more of that. Wah.

This week's starting out to be a paperwork week...spent yesterday resorting and shredding old files (while enjoying an empowerment boost watching Erin Brockovich)...tonight I'll try to finish that and get to resorting old paperwork that needs to be filed...which will lead to transferring paperwork back into the better filing cabinet, recycling the old one, and beginning the rearrangement of the dining area...which will be set aside though, so that I can segue from paperwork to budgeting this week. Planning that camping trip for March, which'll require a bit of saving or at least more prudent spending...yeah, I know, radical concept.

Heading into home stretch on 2nd mitten (yay! my first pair! might be big enough to line with fleece!)...still working snood. I really like the way that stitch lays out (basic k2tog, yo*), but with worsted weight, it's a little hard on the hands...I'm using a merino/acrylic/cashmere blend courtesy of my mominlaw's Tuesday Morning addiction in a really pretty kelly green. Other UFOs still enjoying neglect, but I'm getting in a sweater mood again, and I'm thinking of seeing if the Fixation I bought ages ago still has its elastic, but that yarn's buried in the dining area, so...

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