Sunday, August 17, 2008

Yup, there's a new badge on the blog...

Buy Nothing Challenge - August 2008

Very neat idea, and one I HAVE to embrace. I just spent the last week, stocking up on junk food we don't need, and trying to talk myself in and out of a new purse. We're barely making ends meet, and I'm thinking a new purse is in order. So today I'm catching up on One Green Generation and am inspired by her thoughts on redefining normal. And then I wander over to Crunchy Chicken (while checking out the APLS blog carnival posts) and find her Buy Nothing Challenge. Ah, another greenie epiphany at the ole purse yearnings slide quickly into the "NO" column, and I'm into my bag stash for something that'll placate my itchiness for consumption.

Sure, it's easy to cheat or slip on any challenge, but if you don't have a plan at all, it's that much easier to spend willy-nilly. Having the procreation of small people become possibly real this month really shifted my thinking; I look at our apartment, our lives with new eyes.

Fairly straightforward goals (from Crunchy Chicken):
  • No new clothes
  • No new gadgets
  • No new furniture or housewares
  • No salon services (except haircuts) - heh, that's a cheat, just got mine cleaned up last week.
  • No new makeup
  • No new tools (also a cheat - any tools I need I'll be acquiring in the coming weeks from Mom's garage)
  • No whatever the hell else people buy (gee, like purses?)
  • No eating out

I've talked about that last one before, and nothing's changed since the last time I mentioned how badly we need to stop pissing away money on easy meals. So I'm looking forward to being hard on myself and Husby on this one. Wish us luck!

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