Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Soggy Wednesday

My reverse seasonal affective disorder kicks in with this weather...storms are exciting, so long as they behave themselves. And can you imagine being a kid in the Duval county school system, starting back to school on Monday only to have Wednesday and Thursday off for the storms...I mean, I enjoyed school for the most part, but I sure loved me a good snow day. I wish it were different for my nephew's sake though, as his autism means he desperately needs the structure of school back in his life, especially after moving to a new house this summer.

Got to see him this past weekend, growing like a weed (my gosh, is he! only going-on 8 and practically up to my shoulders!), and behavior wasn't bad at all considering he's on next to nothing medicinally right now...just gets wound up occasionally and needs the words of a family member he knows to respect. He wouldn't listen to me if I tried to direct him, but once his dad stepped in, he was good. Pretty much as it should be with any kid...

Got some nice inspiration from SouleMama was a good reminder of how you have to set your mind to a task and just tuck away at it. I've been letting myself get overwhelmed by the apartment lately, and then nothing gets done in the evenings...I watch TV, knit, goof off, when I could be unpacking a box and going through it. One box at a time...and she just reminded me of some things, like the use of old suitcases for packing fabric or whatever (when we just came across some oldies in Mom's attic), and how the sewing machine doesn't have to have a huge area when the dining room table can double as a crafting space...

Now if this tropical storm would just increase to hurricane status so I could go home and get started....ah well, guess that's not enough of a reason to possibly endanger lives with nature....but getting started tonight is definitely in the cards :)

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