Friday, August 01, 2008


In an attempt to interrupt my broken-record habit of making huge, grandiose plans of things to accomplish on the weekend, only to spend said weekend lamenting my inability to get those things done...I'm stepping back and trying a one-day-at-a-time approach (without the alcoholic cravings)...

To Do Tonight (Friday)
  • Relax
  • Think about the top you want to make, and give yourself a refresher course on sewing.
  • Start lists on several subjects
  • Steer clear of dining area
  • Don't clean anything (yet)

Mom's stepping back too...the weather's supposed to be rainy this weekend, so she didn't want to do any heavy-duty work on the garage yet, until she thinks about it a little more. That frees me up to tackle our apartment. Husby started a new med on Wednesday that has had rather nice results so far, so I may even get some work out of him too, as well as be able to talk with him about kids and future stuff.

3 hours to freedom! Happy Friday, y'all!

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