Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Don't fight nature, plan around it

Maybe I am a stress junkie...this has just been a good week so far. Monday I went grocery shopping after work, have made two decent meals this week so we're drowning in leftovers (which neither of us is bitching about, because it's so nice to be eating decent food again), and have been enjoying knitting again. Started SouleMama's lacy looking hat, and while I'm afraid I'm making it too big, I'm pressing on because I love, love, love the yarn I'm using (a single hank of KnitPicks merino that's since been discontinued, in this excellent blend of beige, navy, and hunter green)...will toss it in the wash before wearing, am hoping that'll help it shrink just a bit.

Tonight I have to do laundry, clean the kitchen, and ponder the weekend...probably going to Mom's on Saturday for some garage work, and I'm determined NOT to repeat last weekend, so I'll make some more lists for little projects, designed to chip away at the overwhelm-ment that is our apartment. Husby and I were talking this morning about how we need to change things around there, if we're going to have a small person there initially...I'm glad I'm getting him talking, it'll make it easier when those "to-do" lists end up in his hands for busywork during the week while I'm slaving away at the office :)

Pictures soon, I promise. I haven't gotten around to reseeding the herbs, but my patience is paying off...they still look weak, but they are growing! One of my "to-do" items is cataloging the planting stuff I have that's not in use, because I'd love to do more vegetables this fall.

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