Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Reviews & rallying

Simple Prosperity by David Wann is back at the library, but I wish it was on my bookshelf...definitely going to look for that one next time I'm at Chamblin's. It was a surprisingly enjoyable know how some books look informative, but once you crack them, you realize you need a degree in horticulture and 6 cups of coffee to get through them? This isn't one of those; it's written in an almost conversational manner that engages the reader to think and press on. I was really surprised by how engaging it was, how easy it was to read even with the TV on in the background. Sure, some of it was old hat; but I think it's a decent reference tome for people who are trying to live simpler and greener, something you can go back to for reminders and ideas.

I also own Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver, so thought I'd say a little something about her here too. While I'm skeptical about some of the recipes in that book, it's more because they're so far afield from what I normally eat that's it's hard not to turn my nose up at them (Eggs in a Nest?!). That said, Kingsolver also has a writer's ego, and some of her opinions in this book are just that, opinions; which is why the book is saved by her husband's essays, which combine opinion with factual information cited from specific sources. She does offer a decent bibliography and appendix of sources, so I'm not exactly faulting her - it's just that you have to be in the mood for her writing sometimes. This book truly was a family affair though, from Camille's recipe ideas to Lily's chicken adventures, and that makes it a very enjoyable look at living green. Another very helpful facet (for this Florida gal) is that it's laid out Eastern-seasonally, so you get a true taste of what's in season when, from asparagus to zucchini...even the Vegetannual graphic is a nice reference to help remind your brain until you get used to seasonal eating.

Can feel myself rallying...really nice shot in the creative arm over at SouleMama, where she's posted PDF links for some wonderful handmade gift ideas. I'm so glad to have ideas other than knitted socks for the impending Xmas gift-giving...the Gratitude wrap is rather perfect, as I came into a large stack of cardstock that I was thinking of doing something with...has the old company name on it, so I'd have an excuse to create some design over it...hmm...or could cut it away, maybe? Can't wait to go home and try out these ideas! Work's a pain...

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