Friday, June 20, 2008

Weekend :)

I'm turning a corner where moving is concerned, and it's bound to help me organize my thoughts better in the coming days and weeks.

We got a new air-conditioning unit yesterday, digital thermostat and everything. Nice! Hopefully they installed it correctly and we won't have the problems we had with the old unit (refrigerant leaks, lack of energy efficiency - having to run the sucker at 68 F to feel cool). So far, so good.

Day trip to Stephen C. Foster State Park tomorrow for a handfasting of friends...I'm looking forward to the trip and seeing the gang. I really want to get those books out of our trunk, so I'll be encouraging a trip to Chamblin's this weekend too. Also need to drop off recycling, break down the Big Boys, and do some cooking for the week. I printed out fresh pages for menu planning and revamped a household notebook last night, which I'll begin implementing this weekend. Found a list I made a while back, the title of which was "How to Get Our Farm." I'd forgotten about it, but it had some good ideas for getting started. Think I'll put up the corkboard this weekend, and start posting some stuff for motivational purposes. That 2-year decision I'm implementing re: our move could easily slide us into a rut, so I'm looking for ways to avoid that and maintain a positive outlook while trapped in this weird state (talking about Florida, not being metaphorical here...). Onward and upward...

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