Wednesday, June 11, 2008

So much about the little things.....

There really is no going back once you have your AHA moment about living simpler, living green. I brought lunch from home today, but thought about how my tuna sandwich would taste better with some chips and a soda, so I went to the vending machine and grabbed both...and a couple of things dawned on me: a) the soda tasted too sweet, which made me think about how I could've done without it...yeah, recycling the can is a good step, but not buying the blasted thing in the first place, especially when money's so precious right now, would've been even better, and b) I'm a complete hypocrite to bitch about the new Lay's Singles commercials (with the wife and the tiny husband in therapy, and let's add all yogurt-in-a-tube commercials and anything else that the advertisers gear specifically toward kids in the food arena, so that your rugrats will harass you to buy it because "it's neat"), because of the overpackaging in the name of convenience, and then I grab a mini bag of Doritos out of the vending machine. Never mind how artificial a product Doritos are, how big a culprit they are in the grand scheme of the US food industry "corning" us to death...I know Rome wasn't built in a day; you can't own my dietary habits and suddenly switch to raw broccoli with dip over Doritos, but I bring up the raw broccoli because it's sitting in my crisper at home and might've helped assuage the craving for junk, if I'd just had some faith in my ability to change.

Then I go to rinse out my coffee mug so I can add the rest of said soda, and when I'm pulling paper towels from the dispenser to dry it, it dawns on me how easy it would be to bring a dishtowel from home and keep it in my desk for just such a task...there's lightbulbs going off all over my head today :)

As I'm new to this stuff, I'm finding Simple Prosperity by David Wann to be quite the easy and enjoyable read, and I'm looking forward to his suggestions. Silent Spring's still in the house, but Ms. Carson's going to have to wait til I'm done with this one.

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