Monday, June 09, 2008

Independence Days Challenge Week 3ish

Seriously good weekend. Never made it to Chamblin's, but got a lot of ME stuff accomplished and quite a bit of relaxing as well. Went over to Mom's Saturday to do laundry (most of which dried in the sun), plant one set of aloes under the trees (because I wanted the pot back to break down the Big Boys), and pick up the table for the dining area. I relaxed otherwise while I was there, and only spent a couple or three hours on the Westside. Friday night was planting time! Sunday I reorganized the bedroom closet, unearthed the craft corner in the bedroom, reorganized the hall closet, and got the dining area back to manageable, and did all that in the early hours of the day so I was able to relax the rest of the afternoon.
  1. Plant something: Planted basil, parsley, spearmint, rosemary, and tomatoes. Purchased chives and catnip on a whim at Publix, and those got transplanted into better pots.

  2. Harvest something: Just a little catnip so far for Fig; thinking of letting the chives go to seed once before harvesting, since it's just a grocery-store starter plant.

  3. Preserve something: Froze 2/3rds of the Chicken n' Dumplings so it wouldn't go to waste.

  4. Prep something: I know what's in the hall closet now. I'm happy with the way I shuffled things around in the walk-in closet. The table is in the dining area; it is SO nice to have a stable workstation there again (as my "desk" in the dining area for years has been an old corkboard propped on boxes on either side...worked OK, but was usually a bit lopsided and unsteady). I stored the suitcases that were taking up room in the bedroom, unearthed my knitting chair, and reorganized the craft corner. Can actually sit in knitting chair again! Keeping one of the kitchen chairs in bedroom as well, for the library books, so they're not all over the place. This weekend was all about making better use of space.

  5. Cook something: Banana bread from scratch yesterday, YUM! A bit boring, I'll add cinnamon or nutmeg next time (ooo, or carrots or zucchini!), but it's so nice to eat something and know exactly what's in it.

  6. Manage reserves: Fridge still pretty easy to see inside. Need to save ham bone TONIGHT as that big hunk of meat has got to be heading south. Cleaned most of dishes last night so we're starting the week with a clean kitchen. Prepped coffee and lunch last night (what a frickin' concept!), so this morning's bleary-eyed fumblings were made a lot easier. Found the recycling center, and it's exactly what I was hoping for: public containers for dropping off paper, plastic, glass, and metal. A pinch out of the way, but I'm looking into another facility that's on the way to my work as well, so that we have a choice.

  7. Local food systems: Slacking here, been buying produce at Publix; but we're really living hand-to-mouth lately, so it's a survival tactic until we can budget properly. Still, always looking for sales, bought broccoli and cauliflower last week that I'll make into some kind of casserole this week, and incorporating lettuce salads into my diet as well...
Husby's feeling better finally, flu knocked him flat for a bit, so I'll be poking him with a stick this week to think about work and help me continue to purge the apartment. We finally tossed his bike, moved the charcoal cooker back out to the porch, and I moved another of our dining room chairs to the foyer, just cuz it looks a lot better there than the toolbox did. I discovered Greendisk in my trollings online and plan to enlist their services for most of our old VHS tapes in the near future. Otherwise my attentions this week will be on continued organization, misting my seedlings, and willing the sprouts to start :)

My company officially changes its name to today...a little weird since we're the ones that bought them, but certainly a smooth marketing move, I mean, you can't get much more succinct than a name like that.

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