Monday, May 05, 2008


It was a hard weekend. Mom and I got a really nice start on the garage Saturday, felt good about our progress. I went home, the phone calls started, and something occurred that rocked us all to our cores. I won't go into detail here (it's a personal family issue), but it does present an interesting example of how the body copes under stress. I should've been really sore yesterday from the heavy lifting that occurred Saturday; I was climbing on chairs and ladders, lifting boxes of various weights down off shelves, and in general sweating a nut and completely overexerting my rather large body. Yesterday, I was a little sore, but the emotional roller-coaster that I and my family were on, caused me to have to step up and be a beacon of support for my mom, so my body and brain set aside my little aches and pains. I spent the better part of the day with her Sunday as well, helped her with several small tasks around the house, and didn't get home til almost 8 p.m. Passed out by 10:30, but was awake by 5:30 (dontcha just love it when the brain turns on ahead of schedule with a litany of the complete unpleasantness you've been experiencing, and it won't shut the f*ck up?!), and the fatigue I'm experiencing today coupled with significant lower back pain, swollen knees, and all-over dehydrative symptoms hearkens back to almost this time last year. Yesterday I was numb; today I'm feeling it. Hopefully feeling it will allow me to move past it emotionally, because this week's going to be hard enough without this new thing tucking itself into my little black cloud.

Seeing ruthee, Dana, and Carebear was nice, went to KnitWitz Saturday morning before Mom's...reached the thumb on Spirogyra, so have to set it aside now, until I can get a set of size 4 dpns, because I think I want to stick with the same size throughout rather than risk goofing it up, especially considering these are for me, and I don't exactly have dainty hands. Probably should've brought some knitting with me yesterday, might've helped my mental state, but there's always the risk of goofing it up when you're not emotionally stable. Thought about picking up Beach (the straight stockinette in the round sweater) last night when I got home, cuz it's a no-brainer, but just didn't have it in me.

So. This week is planning for SC...we're heading up Thursday night probably, hanging with Husby's fam Friday, then heading over to Columbia Saturday. We'll make camp and explore, and at some point, hang with his Lil Sis, who lives in town. We head back home Monday, and Tuesday morning is a church service at Most Holy Redeemer that Mom got them to dedicate to Dad. I'm so looking forward to this weekend; I'll be spending lots of time outdoors and in prayer. Mom and Meara are getting the heck out of Dodge too, treating themselves to a weekend in Savannah.

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