Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Inspiration and mental wanderings

Tucked into SouleMama's archives for a bit this morning, and it was the shot in the arm that I needed. Husby inherited some shirts from the SC crowd, which would fit great if only he were 6 inches taller, so I'm thinking of wheedling them out from under him so I can play with the sewing machine some more, try my hand at making clothes out of clothes ::grin::. Also looking to improve my embroidery skills in the coming weeks with small projects. Finished the gusset on Broadripple and started the endless instep...been ignoring other projects lately...have a feeling a couple will get frogged and another pair of socks will get started when I finally look at things; I'm feeling the need for faster project gratification.

Aside: The Creative Family by Amanda Blake Soule is a delightful book. Granted, I see the ideas inside it with the new-eyed advantage of not even having kids yet to try them out on, but I was just blown away by the gentle, nurturing guidance she offers. I read it cover to cover, and am starting over so I can dig into the projects. I recommend it for anyone with small people.

Been feeling a bit overwhelmed lately; the house is suffering from terminal clutter, and not having a desk to work at is definitely not helping my scattyness. I FOCUS at a desk; I'm able to put stuff into piles, put those piles into files or boxes, and make things all right in Melanie's world. If it's possible to neglect the family finances more than I already do, I neglect them worse when I don't have a desk. This needs to be remedied, and we'll be investigating several options over the next couple of weeks. We have dibs, it appears, on the computer desk at Mom's, but it's a biggie and appears to be a one-piece deal - not something we can break down; so transport from Westside to Southside is an issue, as we all own sedans. But that would give me the dining room table back as a desk, and Melanie's planet would shift back onto its axis again. And that would be ok, because in spite of my whining about not having a dining room table either, Mom's thinking of letting go of her dining room table as well, and I'm pretty sure my other sibs don't have the room for it. I'd love to strip and refinish that sucker, and it comes with a leaf too.

I know, I know, don't you also whine about having too much furniture? This is true, but I'm looking with a long eye, toward renting a house next year, and that helps me remain patient with the overcrowded feeling. I look at the heavy oak coffee table that I rescued from the dumpster years back, and I see a perfect size table for toddlers to do crafts on. I'm planning to cut the cord on a couple of our end tables, which will move the extra end table into one of their spots. I'll have quite a few things to contribute to Mom's yard sale, when the time comes. And for the stuff that I can't seem to part with, I'll pull a Tim Gunn and "make it work." The wing chair I procured from Terra takes up room and still suffers from a case of the uglies, but it's comfy and I'm not ready to part with it, so how about trying my hand at my first slipcover? Even the strategic tucking in of an old bedsheet with some fabric paint for flair would be an improvement. Man, sometimes there just aren't enough hours in the day. Thankfully, I'm finding myself less interested in TV in the evenings lately, unless it's something new and specific, so that affords me the time to dig into other projects.

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