Wednesday, April 23, 2008


It's funny how scatty I get...was originally thinking about this when I started reading my daily blogs, and it got sidetracked when I actually wrote today's entry. Just feeling a little gratitude today, and for the smallest thing. Husby dropped me off at work today, because he had an appointment with those folks he's being a guinea pig for. I'm heading into the building, my brain slipping into work mode, and he honks the horn at me and gives me a little wave before pulling away. And I just melt and this flood of gratitude washes over me, because I can't imagine not having this wonderful guy in my life. I immediately think of Mom and wonder where she gets the strength from, to get out of bed everyday without her best friend at her side anymore. It's not easy working a relationship with a pain management case sometimes, but when that pain management case is a kindred spirit, my god the rewards!

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