Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Why of Eating

My brain's gotten used to the latest Paxil decrease; it wanders a little easier, which ain't a great thing when you're at work and your job's pretty boring to begin with...and your pay's based on little things like quality and quantity...

Emotional eating and the power of suggestion: tried one of those Lean Cuisine paninis for lunch, really quite tasty, so I went into this afternoon wanting to see how long it would last me before I got hungry again (i.e. if I'm not hungry til 4ish, it's actually worth the money). So naturally, I'm craving a snack when I'm not hungry in the least yet (it's 2:19)...it's totally my boredom dictating my appetite. grr.

When my brain gets more scatty, is when I need to be making those lists I talk about, realistic ones. Tonight I have to run right back out after work to pay the electric bill (which wouldn't be an issue if I budgeted the bills and my time properly, but that's a list for another time ::wry grin::), give the kitchen a cleaning, make dinner, and by the time I hit the sack, I'll feel like I got nothing accomplished me-time-wise. Every mother reading this right now is saying, "you want kids? get used to that feeling..." I know, I know, but still...it's like how I felt that way last night, simply because I had to do 2 loads of laundry...feel like I need to paint myself a banner that says "Do laundry on the weekend, stupid!" to remind me of how that project just smithereens any chance of creativity in an evening...

Assuaged hunger with organic cookie...1½ hours til escape.

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