Friday, March 14, 2008

This Weekend

  • Water aloe
  • Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra & Kingston Trio with Mom...NEAT!
  • Ask Mom about bringing aloe plants over tomorrow (they're fading fast under little sun, looking lousy...sticking them in her front yard should help)

  • Go over to Mom's in the morning and scope out computer desk. Talk aloe positioning.
  • While at Mom's, felt bag.
  • Back home, block bag.
  • Confirm sewing machine works by sewing three sides of pillow (adorable fabric—has Hershey's miniatures, Kisses, and little Reese's cups). Tear up one or two of our old pillows and work filler material, so it won't be as lumpy as it is currently.
  • Probably lose interest in pillow, rather than stuffing and closing it...move onto sweater repair work.
  • Pick up Cozy and do 8 rows.
  • Babysitting for friends. Take no knitting; apparently these boys won't fall asleep on us.

Sunday—No Technology Day

  • Sleep in, following exhaustion of spending Saturday evening with small boys
  • Walk to store to pick up paper and sundries.
  • Bake WHO(oooooo...) bread and make butter from scratch.
  • Plan dinners for the week; make broccoli/cauliflower souffle for Husby just cuz.
  • Budget for the rest of the month.

Most of that's doable. I'm betting I won't get all the crafty stuff accomplished on Saturday, but may ditch the westside trip, otherwise that day will go by like lightening (and then screech to a halt when we're sitting amidst the 3-year-old and the 6-month-old).

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