Friday, March 28, 2008

Newly hatched

Well...I literally haven't had the flu since 1992, so I guess I was due. It's why I don't get flu shots, just don't see the point when it so infrequently visits my immune system. After this week, I almost see the point. Talk about WHAM! I just don't do miserable well. Being too tired and in too much pain to read or knit had me at my wits' end more than once, and brought home to me how batty I'd get if I had to say, go on bedrest for anything. Husby was a doll, tending to my needs and living with my whining. Thankfully, the flu also helped me drop a few pounds and has me quite motivated to maintain the new parameters of my appetite. I'm starting an old Kathy Smith program next week; will keep you posted. Never made it to PT, but the MRI on my knee came back clear, with just the old haunt, arthritis, threatening to be my pain cause, so no surgery on the horizon, just some hard work ahead.

Still tired and weak, but back at work...I recommend Tamiflu and the ole Zpack to anybody who needs a fast recovery from the flu; it's worth the money. I was quite a few days into the fun before I got the meds, but it appears to be nailing it nicely. Could tell I was feeling better when I spent part of yesterday afternoon doing a small project, and lamenting that I wasn't going to have enough time to get X or Y done before having to go back to work today... just isn't Melanie without the disappointment of things unaccomplished. Gotta lighten up a's fine to have tasks in the mental hopper, but there's something to be said for free time too. Once I was rallying a tad, there was the simple pleasure of knitting a row or indulging in an old book, and I realized I was experiencing a level of relaxation that I don't normally allow myself, even on the weekends.

So. A little yoga and walking this weekend, some cleaning, and lots of relaxing while I continue to mend. I cleared a space off one dresser and set out some altar items, because I started reading The Fifth Sacred Thing again and am finding strength in the simple beauty of the elements.

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