Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Thoughtful Tuesday

Updated MJHealth...the OB appointment was illuminating, and I needed to get my thoughts on paper, so to speak. Feeling quite thoughtful today, plus the fatigue from med withdrawal has me quieter.

Weather's outrageous...I don't know whether to be bitter or blissful about it. Supposed to hit the low 80s today. Should help me relax, taking in that beautiful weather at lunchtime, plus it's dropping 10 degrees later in the week, but I'm still resisting the urge to drive to Pennsylvania and beat that little bastard groundhog to a pulp for his inaccuracy.

Found this little gem when I was looking for the weather. Wow. Some people really shouldn't breed. Willing to bet this story hits CNN's website by lunchtime.

Fat Tuesday. I'm feeling it. Too damn achy. All the more reason to exercise; sitting still makes me stiff, which makes me feel worse. Really hate my job right now, only for that reason, being trapped in a cube in front of a screen. The job itself has taken a turn for the better with that new project, and there's potential for finally getting to work with more common products like Adobe Photoshop and Macromedia Dreamweaver. But sitting still really sucks. Gonna go walk around the building.

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