Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Doing 'bout yourself?

Man, my little black hormonal cloud was overhead yesterday! I had chocolate chip cookies for lunch and decided that the 7 PMS dwarfs' names were Sleepy, Achy, Grumpy, Dopey, Hungry, Fatty, and Bitchy. Rounded off the day by spending 2 HOURS at Wal-Mart to procure 5 freakin' pills. Went to bed at 10, and so glad I did, because today's considerably better, rather sunny inside and out.

I'm on a path that dips and winds through the woods. I must choose my steps deliberately, for there are areas where footing is uncertain or where tree roots threaten to trip me up. Becoming present in the journey, that's the key. If you're always looking ahead, you don't see those tree roots in your path. And I'm one of those folks who falls spectacularly, cartoonishly, arms and legs flying. I've expended so much energy looking ahead in my life. That's fine to a point, but when it's the only place you live, you miss so much.

Man, I'm in a good place today :)

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