Thursday, February 07, 2008


Thank the gods for a husband with access to the good stuff...I feel like the Tin Man, can't sit still for too long without everything going stiff. Can't stand that movie, but the analogy is dead-on. Increasing Paxil back up to 30, hoping for pinch of relief. Probably doesn't help that I've stopped the BP med and potassium at the same time, but it can't be helped; so I'm just going to lay off the extra salt, drink more juice, and suck it up.

The weekend creeps toward us, and it's a payday, not that that means much; but it's worth it to make a list or two, so the money doesn't run through our fingers like sand under water. I'm going over to Mom's this weekend, under the guise of doing laundry, but what I'll really be doing is starting to assess the garage. We're going to need a storage space for a lot of it, that's a given; there's plenty of "I'll use it eventually" where the garage is concerned. She's exasperated with Lil Bro, because he can't even keep his own rooms clean, never mind helping her chip away at what's left of Dad's in the house, but I'm betting Lil Bro won't be upset with me helping, because I'm barely going to want to throw anything away too. Whoa, in fact, I'd love to take some of those cabinets off her hands now...not that I have the room for them anywhere in my place, but it'd be neat to have more cabinets, maybe in the dining area. When Lil Bro and I get homes of our own with garages or carports, we'll be seriously bargaining with each other for Dad's tools, circular saws, drill, etc., and of course Lil Sis will want some stuff too. (Not trying to diminish her wants, I'm just doubting she'll be standing off with us saying she wants the radial arm saw in her apartment, for example...) Then again, at the rate the little creep is going financially, she's own a house before Cyril or I do. ::grr...sigh:: That's my financial frustration talking...Lil Sis is not really Lil Creep...she's actually all warm and fuzzy and strong n' stuff; I admire her ability to keep her finances under control. I mean, yes, there's plenty I can blame on my emotional issues and lack of medication dictating my financial decisions back in the day, but there's also plenty that can be blamed on laziness, lack of willpower, irresponsibility, etc. Well, at least I can be a symbol of how not to go about financial things, because now it feels like we're digging out of debt with a teaspoon and somebody keeps shoving a tablespoon of dirt back in, every time I toss some out.

But I digress...there's a Target gift card, two actually, burning holes in my wallet, so I'm hitting their garden center this weekend too and finally buying topsoil and seeds. I put one aloe out front and even though he doesn't get direct sunlight, he doesn't seem any worse for the wear, so I'll put another one out there this weekend, free up a pinch more room on the porch for my container gardening. That task will get a list too, because I'd love to get some protective mesh for the plants, but need to price it online first, and I need to actually decide what my first attempts will be: herbs, veggies, or both. Also need to do some more cooking this weekend; it was fantastic having choices at our fingertips this week!

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Lynn said...

Take a few deep are getting off the meds has the mind and body working extra hard.
We missed you last night.