Friday, July 20, 2007

Where's the lighthouse?

Answer: I got frickin' tired of it. Unfortunately, the selection of templates on Blogger could be better, but I made do. Naturally forgot to save my Links until after I'd saved a new template, so there's less of those because I had to input them manually. And I stole the idea for the What's Going On...section from my Celtic knitting goddess pal, ruthee; she does something similar on her site, and I figure it'll help me be more accountable for getting decent food on the table a couple of nights a week.

Busy weekend ahead...Harry Potter book, Harry Potter movie with friends, furniture moving, cleaning, organizing, laundry....hopefully at least a couple of those things will actually get done. I'm getting decent sleep on the lithium, not nearly as dragged out during the week, so hopefully I won't spend the weekend thinking I need to catch up. I can't access my work voicemail, so can't be sure that I ever received a callback from the shrink...I'll go to the psychologist next Tuesday, and see if she can refer me to anybody.

1 comment:

Lynn said...

We all missed you last night!
Hope to see you soon...and I like the new look:)