Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Man, I feel good!

What a difference a little good news makes! What I weighed is barely worth celebrating, but it's been so long since I've weighed that fully clothed on the doc's blasted scale, that I practically floated back to work. Set aside the knitting and spent the evening giving one of my Kathy Smith books a hard skim; going to do more of the same tonight to make sure I understand stuff and don't overdo it my first time out, work out on the Bean tonight, and start Kathy tomorrow. We're out of money for this week, so that means no junk food anyway, and I'm back in the habit of trying to drink close to 2L of water at work. Going back on the lithium, so that oughta be status quo anyway.

I have an appointment in 2 weeks with a psychologist who takes credit cards, and we have an SC trip coming up either this weekend or next, so the trip out of town oughta do some good too, though I know I'm going to melt down when I hug Dad J. Dad L. will be gone 2 months on Thursday. Unreal.

So laundry, reading, and exercise tonight...hell, I'll get enough of a workout just going up and down the damn stairs with the laundry, so I think I'll mainly goof around on the Bean tonight, acclimate myself with the different exercises, positions that are currently possible with this bod...looking at the pictures in the manual is one thing, performing them with a spare tire for a waist is another. Reminds me of when Yoga Journal did an article on yoga positions for big women; there aren't nearly enough of those types of instructions out there. All the commercials for this type of exercise equipment (the stuff they advertise for on TV) showcase beautiful people still; they need to have separate vids for us fatties who are just starting out, so that we don't hurt ourselves or cause damage to nearby furniture, animals, etc. ::wry grin::

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