Friday, July 13, 2007

Ah poo!

No SC this weekend, they had to postpone the baptism. I find it hilarious just how cliquish and cult-like the average Christian church gets...(which further punctuates just how well Kevin Smith nailed the problems of manmade religions in the movie "Dogma")...when you ask to baptize your child with them, if you're not yet a member of the church, you better have the checkbook handy. You'd think they'd jump at the chance to grab another critter into the flock, but spite of the contributions of past family members (this is Husby's grandmother's church), they refused. These are Methodists; aren't they supposed to be more open than say Catholics or Baptists? Well, it is SC, so not sure why I'm's one of the things that concerns me about moving up there, the idea that the majority of people you'll run into are likely to be more vocal about the fact that you're going to hell for your beliefs. That espousing my ideals could lead to un-Christian-like behavior from the Christians...then again, we parked our car away from the church at Cyril's baptism so that people wouldn't be put off by our bumper stickers, so it stands to reason that anywhere in this Christian majority, you're going to run into issues. Anyway, it's just as well SC got postponed...this way I'll be able to take at least a whole day off around the weekend in question by then (still recooping my PTO - paid time off). And this way I'll get at least one thing knitted for the kid before we go up...I started Katja last night, and can tell it'll knit up fast.

Hopefully a bit of an organizing weekend...we're cooking dinner for Mom and Cyril on Saturday, looks like, and might be inheriting some furniture in the bargain, which will mean disposing of some crap in our house to make room and moving some stuff around. Hunter's over this weekend too, which is always nice. Thankfully his condition has never allowed him to ask outright yet where Grand-Sir is, though he's recently been improving quite a bit on fetching up complete sentences without prompting, so time will tell.

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