Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Tired, sad, the usual for this May...

Seriously, where'd that 3-day weekend go? I think I mainly rested on Saturday; I honestly don't remember.

Sunday I pulled a big favor for Mom...she and Cyril were in Orlando this weekend helping Meara pack up her place because the poor kid moves into her new apartment down there the weekend after we get back, and naturally hasn't had a lot of time to prepare this month. So I offered to go over to the house Sunday and clean out Dad's dresser, medicine cabinet, and his half of the closet. It was a fairly cathartic experience at first; I was talking to him as I was folding clothes and putting them into boxes, and that made for some good cries. I'm very glad I did it though, for me and for Mom; it appears that Cyril and Mom are having a harder time with the grief because they're living in that house surrounded by memories. Only problem was I overexerted myself; I'm learning how my body's reacting to the new water pill the doc put me on, and boy, did it shred me physically that evening and Monday. I didn't do much more than nap and knit besides that this weekend, but Les was pretty adamant that I do just that, and I snuck in a little cleaning late Monday night, so I'm ok with it too. >:)

Point of clarification: it's not that I don't think I need counseling; it's that I can't even think about trying to schedule it until I get back from CT. One thing at a time. We leave Thursday night from Orlando and will be there til Monday. Meara's stuck at work til at least midday on Thursday, so we're taking off and landing there instead of Jax. The memorial and interment are Saturday, followed by a get-together at my Uncle Dan's. Friday, we're visiting Warren, the town that meant the most to us up there, where I lived from age 11 to 15. It's going to be a good trip, in spite of the occasion, but I wish we could've afforded to bring Les too. I know there'll be times when it feels good that it's just immediate fam., but I also know I'm going to ache for him the whole time I'm gone.

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