Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Sex camel

Was watching "Scrubs" last night, Elliott was trying to justify a long-distance relationship with Shawn by saying she could go 6 months without sex, that she was a sex camel. I must've laughed for 5 minutes. Not sure why, since camel status is certainly frustrating at times, I can vouch for that personally. Just never heard it spoken quite like that.

So I've got my knitting on my work desk, as well as a king-size Mr. Goodbar, and for some reason, work isn't as excruxiating as usual. The yarn's that pretty Turquoise Splendor from KnitPicks Shimmer line; I'm starting the Candleflame Scarf with it. So pretty! Last night was a busy one...I restarted the Irish hiking scarf in double-stranded Wool Ease Wood Multi, finished the blue and started the silver-grey on the SSS (row 1 of the border down!), and started the Candleflame. I still want to start Emerald with the Wool Ease T & Q, and chart some initial blocks for that baby blanket idea. Hopefully can do some of that tonight.

Also, the library's been my friend lately...pulled some more books on agrarianism and sustainable agriculture to keep my brain busy while I wait for Barbara Kingsolver's newest book to come out...

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Alexa said...

For an interesting (if disturbing at times) account on agriculture and animal farming, read The Omnivore's Dilemma by Michael Pollan. I'm 90% done with it and ready for the food co-op to start up, and to look for a safer, more humane meat supply.