Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Little grumpy

I'll be very surprised if OT isn't mandatory this weekend...wouldn't be a bad thing except I'm going through one of my restless, this-job-is-sucking-my-will-to-live phases.

Only knitting news is backwards: I made it to row 10 on the border of the SSS, took a good long look at it, and sucked up my pride. It looked like a rats' nest, or at least like a disorganized spider's web. This wouldn't do, not after all the work and time put into what otherwise looks like a nice shawl. I grabbed my size 8 circulars and painstakingly threaded them in, stitch by stitch, along the line where the blue yarn meets the grey. Once those were in, I felt comfortable starting to unthread the grey, which unfortunately is exactly what I'm having to do, as it appears the YOs in the pattern love my needles so much they like to hang up at the joins (slightly worn Clover bamboos), so it's not like I can just slide the mess off the needles easily. Once the grey is unraveled and reorganized, I'll probably do a line 2 of the pattern (garter with k2tog, no YOs) so I can switch the needle sizes and pick up any stitches that I missed on the initial threading (THAT's going to be pretty painstaking too, since a dropped stitch means disaster), and then I'm thinking I'll just do a couple of more rows of the regular pattern before tackling the bind-off. The border pattern just isn't feasible because I let my sections take on different sizes; one section might be 63 stitches while the next one is 57, and to try and play catch-up now (adding or subtracting stitches in each section where necessary to get it even) would probably result in a mishapen shawl, and the evenness of it just ain't that important to me in the grand scheme of getting it done. It sure looks pretty as is, and the unevenness of it certainly matches my character :)

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