Monday, April 02, 2007

At loose ends

Short weekend...had to work Saturday, which sucked. Have to keep reminding myself that I can't safely look for work until Les's employed. Hell, even then it'd be sketchy since I still harbor dreams of getting him into school in the fall. Actually, we should be doing financial aid paperwork now, so that they'll only see my income and give us more money. Gotta go...

Just kidding...well, not really, but there's only so much I can do at work. Knitting was neat and frustrating this weekend...I'm working a hat with a funny stitch that I know I'm screwing up, so I'll probably rip it back to the ribbing and start something different. I started the Irish Hiking scarf last night on Wool Ease...actually 2 rows in, the stretchiness of that yarn is already driving me nuts, so maybe I'll double it—that'll certainly get rid of it faster! Also started a kerchief in light blue Encore, and the piece de resistance ::trumpets:: I'm out of blue yarn on the SSS!!! This week I'll dig out the Lace book, add the Smoke Alpaca Cloud, and go to town on that castoff.

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