Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Take 2

I'm whining again. I hate that. Is there such a thing as post-menstrual syndrome? It's like being achy in spirit. It's wanting to go home because your socks won't stay up. What, that's not a good reason? My energy level's circling the drain thanks to the burger I had for lunch. I should be able to go home. Don't they realize I have knitting projects to work on?!

As this is my first try at double knitting, I'm thinking of scaling it down but making it more complex. Clear as mud, right? What I mean is I'm thinking of making it in the style of a Lion Brand pattern I have (still felted, but handbag instead of shoulder—could've sworn it was the Around Town bag but now that I'm hunting for the link, it's eluding me...will revisit if I find it), but I keep coming back to complex design ideas. Instead of Jolly Rogers, I'm thinking of a labyrinth or some Celtic knotwork. Maybe just a nice fat band of Celtic knotwork all the way around...if I chart it properly, it shouldn't be too difficult. I'll do some sketching tonight.

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