Friday, February 16, 2007


Admitting to grazing a bit yesterday and delved into some food that would be considered "bad," but after you've traversed your stick shift, been goosed by your emergency brake, and discovered that there are definite differences in the shaping between Japanese and American car interiors, who's in the mood for a frickin' peanut butter sandwich when there's McDonald's right down the street? It was textbook emotional eating, so I recognized it, enjoyed it, and didn't get down on myself for it. It led to some additional grazing later in the day, but I improved by evening when I cut myself a slab of chocolate cake and only ate a couple of bites. Granted it had gone stale, but that's NEVER stopped me before. So I feel good about how I'm doing, because my cognizance of what and why I'm eating is still quite clear. I keep meaning to start a journal about what and why, because I find myself having fairly signifant JD-on-Scrubs conversations with myself about the subject, so I really ought to be writing stuff down. I hope to be able to start that this weekend. Today was the first time since I bought them, that I was able to put my jeans on without lying down. I think I floated to work. I will not step near a scale for at least another week; no point in it - my success's will not be measured in numbers, not yet anyway.

Busy weekend ahead...I have to work a good portion of Saturday, make cookies for Lil Bro and take them over there, fill out my city application for Columbia, update my resume, draft a cover letter that kicks ass, get Husby working on organizing/cleaning out the end tables, get some walking and knitting in, try out some recipes, and probably half a dozen other items that I'd love to hit and will be lucky to even remember...thank goodness I've got some energy back. My organizational capabilities are up, as well as my spirits; keeps life from being so overwhelming.

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