Monday, January 29, 2007

Woman of leisure

Husby no here :(

He stayed in SC to help his family for a couple of days. We expected it, but it was still hard. Driving home by myself wasn't as bad as I thought it'd be, but I'm floating around in a kind of alternate universe without him, and it's only been 24 hours. The drive was lovely actually. In pristine conditions, it takes about 4.75 hours to get from Aiken to Jacksonville; I made it in about 5.25 with stops and a snarl of traffic in Jax due to an accident at the 95/10 interchange. The weather was sunny, and I got to listen to most of Garrison's show on the radio. I got home last night, ate, unpacked a bit, read the Columbia paper I'd bought, checked my email, just puttered, but it was definitely off not having him there. I think Figaro's at a loss too; spent the first 10 minutes giving off these little meows that said, hey, bitch, what'd you do with Dad?

Today, still in that alternate universe. Got my breakfast this morning no problem, but forgot a hair scrunchy, and I ALWAYS keep a spare in my purse for when the mane tries my patience. I'm actually looking forward to cleaning house tonight, doing the dishes and cleaning out the fridge, tidying up and moving stuff around. We're hoping he'll be back after a week; I think he's there at least through the coming weekend, because part of what he's doing there will include helping his dad, who works full-time (thus has limited ability to get projects done).

This past weekend was a Columbia scouting weekend, so not much knitting, but I puttered on the SSS just a bit, and I'm almost at the point of starting the heel on mr. sock. Should be focusing solely on those two this week.

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