Wednesday, January 03, 2007

New Years' ......... resolutions.....sort of.....

For the last 2 years, I was doing resolutions in October, the pagan New Year, at Samhain. About the same as regular New Year's resolutions except that if you have any improvements down regarding diet, they certainly get broken by Thanksgiving instead of spring.

This has been an out-of-sorts year, sabbat-wise. I didn't honor many of the 8 festivals, and though I wrote resolutions at Samhain, it was pretty half-hearted. Then in December, I had the OB/GYN visit and delightful medical epiphanies, which have left me a little scared (that we'll try for kids and be unsuccessful). I know it's too early to have such notions, but when you're childless at 37 and still planning to have urchins, the biological clock takes on an ominous tone.

So I've been pensive. About resolutions and how if I make them, I'd like to try something crazy, like not break them. My doc wants me to lose 20 pounds and see her in April. I have the ability to do that and more. I'd like us to move to Columbia at the end of April. There's a lot of roadblocks in our path, but it's still a realistic goal. If I'm going to make resolutions this year, they're going to be done with thought and planning, and it's perfectly ok that I didn't make them in time for Les's and my toast to each other on New Years' Eve (Dick Clark in the background, Ballatore Gran Spumante and apple juice in the foreground, our Waterford crystal Limited Edition Millennium "Peace" glasses, looking in each other's eyes...::sigh::)(::pause for the nonromantics to throw up in their mouths a little::). We're going on 10 years of knowing each other. I am so friggin' blessed it takes my breath away thinking about it.

So that's what I'm doing this week, in between reorganizing the bedroom to get a little more floor space while we wait (forever) for the damn apartment complex to replace our closet hardware. Also doing a little knitting, mostly of the SSS, which at 400+ stitches per row is only poking along, and mr. sock, which is beginning to show a shaft. Pondering other projects and looking ahead to the wonders that this year holds for us...

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