Thursday, October 05, 2006


I finished my first pair of socks. What a neat feeling! I haven't blocked them yet, not that that'll make much of a difference with the amount of acrylic in the yarn, and they pretty much look like a before-and-after set, because I followed the pattern much more closely on the 2nd one and actually performed proper grafting on the toe, but they're delightfully imperfect and entirely handmade. Very cool!

Broke my first string on my guitar. Wah!

Bake sale tomorrow...I'm making snickerdoodles and pumpkin bread tonight.

I need to do some reckoning this weekend. I haven't lost any weight and I need to. There's things I need to be planning, and now that we have a decent computer, I can put stuff in order in there and hopefully it won't crash around my head so willy-nilly. I'm still too damn tired around the edges, which only aggravates the restlessness in my head. If I want things to be different so badly, it's time to be initiating the necessary changes to facilitate that. God, who talks like that?

Foodie Farm Girl is taking a break from blogging, because she lives in BF Missouri and it's taking her 2 hours a day to upload simple photos on her dial-up connection. Boy, do I feel her pain. We need to investigate if it'd cost us anything to upgrade to something faster while we're on the 6-months free AOL, because I am so over dial-up. Anyway, think I'll start reading her sites from the beginning in the interim; she's got some great recipes and ideas in there.

There's a Colonial Folk Arts & Crafts Festival in St. Augie this weekend...sounds neat, but haven't decided if I'm going. May depend on gas, but at the same time, I'd like to drag husby out for it; we haven't done anything like that in a while and it'd be nice to just wander the streets checking out exhibits, window shopping, and holding hands.

I ache to get my hair cut, but I don't want to cut my hair. There's a comfort factor attached to hair as it grows longer, but at the same time, I know I'm in a mindset of needing a bunch less of the stuff for now. I'm in a hat-wearing and hat-knitting mood, and long hair and hats just don't cooperate. I'm fickle as hell about it, but the idea's been bouncing around in my head long enough to indicate it's not quite just a phase, so we'll see...probably can't spare the dough for another 2 weeks anyway, not that that's ever stopped me.

Ever tried Eggos with peanut butter? It's my breakfast staple; I highly recommend it.

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