Thursday, September 28, 2006

Right on the money, Hiro.....

So the NBC show Heroes premiered this week (and by the way, it so totally lives up to the hype - very exciting, good character I can only hope that when they cancel it because they don't know what a good thing they have, they'll at least transfer it to the Sci-Fi channel). At the very end of the show, the Japanese character Hiro manages to teleport himself from Tokyo to Times Square, and upon realizing this has occurred, he pumps both arms up in the air and shouts for joy in Japanese. That's how I'm feeling today.

After 4 years of having no business behind the wheel of a car, this morning I reinstated my driver's license.

Spending life looking over your shoulder is no way to live, but sometimes it can't be helped, and when you're a one-paycheck household, it's very easy to set something like an old ticket to the side to pay something else, like electric, phone, groceries, you know, the little's only through the kindness of the inlaws that I've finally been able to get this cleared up, and I'm quite grateful. Now the real test: keeping my nose clean. Thank goodness the new car has cruise control! I'm a much more defensive and diligent driver now, thanks to all that illegal driving, but I've also always been a bit of a lead foot, so believe me, the cruise control helps!

Poking along on my socks and started a soaker pattern yesterday. NO, I'm not pregnant; just caught a wild hair and found an easy pattern online that I wanted to try (for Lil Sis and any non-mommy people: a soaker is a diaper cover style popular with the cloth diaper crowd). There's such a wealth of information on cloth diapering online, and it's really easy to distinguish the good from the bad or to gauge what's actually worth the money. Even found websites selling and offering information on cloth menstrual pads, which would certainly have the average female saying ewwww, but make just as much sense as cloth diapering when you get right down to it. Something to ponder once I have a washing machine to call my own.

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