Friday, August 18, 2006

Random Friday

It's been a weird week.

Things feel almost back to normal at the apartment. I'm definitely looking for a house to rent first though, when we move.

Had the layers put back in my hair last weekend. Don't hate 'em yet...on the contrary, they seem to be cooperating, falling around my neck and shoulders in a style that flatters without making my face look gigantic. Whodathunk?

I'm back knitting at the SSS, but I think the sock will get some attention this weekend. I started the heel flap at the Psychic dinner last week.

Fundraising going slow...gonna have to start brainstorming, thinking about a bake sale or something at work, and seeing if Mom can hit folks up at the paper. Also there's a link on the Avon site apparently where you can put together a media release; definitely looking into that this weekend. I may be the only Jax resident doing the Charlotte walk so that's gotta work in my favor.

Training going slow too, unfortunately, but the weather's back to strange (low 90s, low humidity), so I'll get out there both days this weekend and put a plan back in place. I used the blood donation as an excuse for too long this week, but did get out Wednesday for a walk in the woods of sorts. Will also get some cardiovascular, playing with Lukas at his birthday Saturday (son of a friend). My walking hat arrived in the mail and fits nicely; the extra large bill's not the most flattering on the planet, but it's definitely good at keeping the sun off my face. Thanks Betmar!

I think about Nanie a lot lately. Apparently her memory's pretty shot, so I don't write or call because I don't want to confuse her, but I ache to visit her before she leaves this plane of existence. She turned 95 last month, so I'm acutely aware of the chances of that happening in our current sitch. Still...the near future lays out ahead of me in stages...Charlotte, then moving, then children...close enough to touch...just a little while longer...

Zoe's getting some attention this weekend too, somehow. She's been hanging out in my head on the edges, p0king at me. I'm also going through my annual back-to-school itch for knowledge, so pulling out the anthropology text and grabbing some earth science tomes from the local libe. Gotta start somewhere...

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