Monday, August 07, 2006

Love is.....

...finding a dozen yellow roses on the driver's seat when you unlock the car to head for work on a Monday morning.

::sigh:: Husbies are wonderful creatures. And remember folks, I didn't have to train him; he came this way :)

I'm out of shape and this weather ain't helping. Did a measly mile and a half on Saturday morning, was a little sore Sunday, and today I still feel dehydrated. Going to have to knuckle down and hit the treadmill at our complex. And if that's not working, I'll be getting up really damn early. Sucks, but entirely necessary if I don't want to completely wreck myself come October.

This weekend was almost a wash, but did get to see my nephew, which was really nice. Haven't seen him in like, 8 months, due to lousy relations with his mom, my bro's ex. Barely knitted...geez, what did I accomplish this weekend? Oh well, no use kicking myself, just keep moving forward...tonight is thank you cards for my first two donations for the walk, and starting to draft fundraising letters for the rest of my clan, plus some friends, past and present.

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