Monday, April 17, 2006

New week

"Today is a new day with no mistakes in it yet."
Anne Shirley
Anne of Green Gables, L.M. Montgomery
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Figured out why I was so mopey last week. Actually I take absolutely no credit for figuring it out; I was describing the symptoms to the darling husby around Fridayish and the first words out of his mouth were, "sounds like Candida." The man's a genius. I'm a dink. My body, in recent years, thanks to the horrific diet I've eluded to maintaining, has developed a penchant for the occasional bout of hypoglycemia and an influx of intestinal flora. That's a yeast infection for you folks who don't clue into my annoying tendency toward $5 words. The good news is since it's intestinal, it doesn't have the obscenely aggravating itchyness of a regular yeast infection. The bad news is it causes blinding headaches, all-over body fatigue, and depression that plows right through that medication that I so happily tote as my savior. So I've gotta lay off the processed foods, I switched back to Splenda ($ issues put me back on sugar a few weeks, which certainly didn't help) and acidophilus supplement, and I HAVE to get exercising. The headaches waned Sunday, but I slept too much that day and thus couldn't get to sleep on time that night, so I'm still a little dragged out.

The good news is I've decided not to bail on the Avon Walk (congrats to Alexa for performing perhaps the smallest guilt trip in history and having it work, LOL!). I pulled out the materials and will spend this week planning my fundraising and laying out an exercise regimen. I've decided not to give a crap about losing weight, not even gonna try; my goal rather, is to get in shape to perform this walk, period. And in a damn sight better shape than I was for the one in 2002. I do that and the weight will take care of itself. I mean, I'm not the most coordinated person and the weather was inclement, but I tripped and fell 3 times that day! And we were only walking, people! Sad. I'll be by myself this time, but I'd rather not look like a cartoon character in the process.

So I'll put the links for My Avon Page and the Avon Walk back up on this blog in the next day or two, so peruse 'em now so that when I come to you with my puppy-dog eyes, begging for donations, you'll be prepared. I trust Avon; in 2004, more than 71% of the money raised went toward breast cancer research and programs with an emphasis on helping those without insurance, underprivileged, etc. Walk's not til October. I can do this!

Another caption for the bunny pic below, in honor of those goofy Christians who celebrated Spring a month late this past weekend:
My Easter bunny can beat up your Easter bunny
or my personal favorite:
Hey, anybody seen the cat?

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Alexa said...

We saw Dr Ken Cooper on CSAP2 the other night. As it turns out, it's better to be overweight and a little active than skinny and sedentary. You don't have to be ready to run a marathon at the drop of a hat, just to walk a few miles (like 3) a few times a week at a leisurely pace (like 3mph) to get like 80% of the health benefits of being a fitness nut.