Wednesday, February 08, 2006

More pondering

Much as I'd like to learn to spin, I just can't see that it's something that I would derive satisfaction from. Thanks to my meds, I've learned a wealth about patience in recent years. I can spend an hour in traffic singing to myself; used to want to rip the steering wheel off its column when I hit gridlock. But the first time the roving pulls apart, I just know I'd be ready to send a spinning wheel clear across the room.

Not giving myself enough credit? Probably. I did ok with the White Buffalo, and that stuff seems to pull apart out of spite, right when you are cruising at a decent clip.

Still, I'm more curious about looms. Of course, any acquisition of materials would have to occur after we've moved into a house, because even a table loom would be too much for our current busting-at-the-seams abode. But they're interesting to me. Yet another thing to take me outside of my head, which right now wouldn't be a bad thing. It's been a bad week, but the calm that comes from working the lace is different than regular knitting somehow. I spent yesterday recovering from a particularly low point, and I knew better than to work the body of Tasha, because it's standard stockinette and would have me bored within seconds. The lace requires counting and accuracy, and working in the round is calming somehow. ruthee, or whomever, picked a good pattern, because I know that's not the case with all lace--ruthee can't even mention the Pi shawl without adding an expletive to the statement :) But the not-quite-repetitive nature of the SSS is giving me rewards when it's still in toddler stage (I only just hit row 36). And right now that's something I need, so I'm grateful.

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ruthee said...

I am soooo glad you are enjoying the really is a perfect beginner's shawl...=)