Friday, January 09, 2015


I don't have a word for this year. I have goals, but they're not written down.

I want to get healthy. I'm recognizing that means detoxing and performing large changes to the way I eat and move my body. I'll be posting more at Melanie's Gym about that.

I want to make more money, so we can get the tax debt under control. That means hunting. And if I can't find something in my field, it means getting work elsewhere and running myself into the ground a bit. I'm OK with that.

I'd love to have a garden this year that actually bears fruit. Definitely scaling back a bit, so I can identify clearly where I go wrong. Actually, may end up focusing on herbs this year, for teas and medicinal purposes...that will keep it scaled down and allow us to both engage in it.

By some miracle, I'm not perimenopausal yet, but I recognize that we have likely missed our chance to have children. I work through those emotions rather monthly.

I'd like to preserve more food, save for a chest freezer, and read more about self-sustainability.

I want to meditate more, do more yoga, and find more ways to engage my spirituality.

We need more bookshelves. We need to purge our belongings a bit more. I need a new-to-me desk chair (and maybe desk) and to rearrange the 2nd bedroom again. I'll be hitting the thrift stores when money allows.

I need to work on time management. I need to create meal plans on a weekly basis. I need to.....

Well, I guess some of them are written down now.

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