Wednesday, October 23, 2013


So deliciously chilly out this morning! 50s with a stiff breeze with more of the same into the weekend. I'm so simultaneously delighted and surprised by it. I really did get used to no seasons in Florida, because having it cold again so soon feels very weird. Not complaining, mind you, far from it...just tickles me that I'm so surprised. Half my brain is thinking, "wait, it gets cold in October?" while the other half reminds me that every Halloween as a child was frustrating because Mom and Dad would make us wear jackets over our costumes when trick or treating.

We're off to Gatlinburg this week! It's a quick trip to celebrate my Lil Sis's 30th. We'll enjoy good food and see the sights, and hike a pinch of the Smokies. Friday we'll play tourist leaf peepers on the Great Smoky Mountain Railroad. Should be cold, but gorgeous!

Mom J's weekend visit was quiet; we went to town once, but mainly stayed in, which was good for me, because with back-to-back visits, I worked quite a bit. Been working hard this week to afford taking the time for this trip without coming unspooled, and so far so good. I'll bring the laptop, but I'm betting I'll be making up what's left of this week's quota mainly on Saturday when we're back.

Have a great week, y'all! Go crunch in some leaves!

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