Friday, August 09, 2013


Where do these weeks go? At least it's been a good is still a little pokey, but my attempts at a clean kitchen are continuing in earnest, I'm keeping the cookie jar filled with homemade goodies (proverbially... we don't actually have a cookie jar), so we steer clear of the crap that haunts the middle aisles of the grocery store, and the weather's still that crazy mild that keeps me grinning.

This week I made these, so I could burn through some of the strawberry jam in the pantry. We have blackberries in the freezer that will turn into jam in the coming weeks, plus I just made that peach jam. Since I was only able to process 3 jars and had extra, one went into the freezer and one went into this recipe, since we didn't have actual peaches on hand. Delish!

It's been a while since I've tried my hand at yeast breads, and my past attempts were pretty mediocre. I make a whole wheat that's yummy, but dense; and I've had some interesting failures in the yeast department. However, the desire to get off store-bought bread has me testing the waters again, so I started a sourdough sponge this morning using the recipe from King Arthur Flour, along with this site for guidance. Just looked over and the questionable looking batter of an hour ago has risen nicely! If I can keep him alive, his name will be Herman.

Mom, Lil Sis, and furrier Lil Sis (Mom's Morkie, Chloe) are coming up this weekend. We'll gallivant a bit, hopefully do some hiking, and eat naughty foods and drink wine, and they'll catch up on shows that are not as easy to access for them, cuz they're both frugal nutters who gave up cable.

One tomato has finally gone red, and the peppers are growing fast. Tied them to stakes today because the weight was sending them over. Guess I should look up if you're supposed to let them do that. So much to learn, like how I was surprised that the dry beans didn't climb. Just haven't read enough yet. Just got a pile of resource mags from Mother Earth News for a song, and Barbara Damrosch's Garden Primer is getting good use this season.

Have a great weekend, y'all!

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