Saturday, July 20, 2013

More Mental Dribblings

It's interesting to me how maddening television can be ... it's gotten so that I only watch a select amount of shows actually. Yes, I watch too much TV, but mainly I do what lots of others do, which is have it on in the background while they do other things, because gods forbid we turn the damn thing off.

I'm enjoying getting to know a mid-season replacement right now called "Crossing Lines" on NBC. It's well-written, contains storylines with international intrigue, and character development is decent...and I'm finding it impossible to fully invest in it because I feel in my bones that there's no chance NBC will take a chance and renew it. Because they've obviously put money into it, but NBC in particular has been notorious in the last decade for cancelling shows fast and shooting themselves in the foot in other ways that have allowed them to own their "last place" status amongst the half-dozen major networks. Which makes me think it's only "Crossing Lines" summer placement that has saved it from not being cancelled already.

The industry standards are obviously shifting a little. USA and TNT in particular, have had decent success at creating their own dramatic series', and while the shorter seasons can be maddening (usually 10 eps first, then a break, then the last 6 or so), I don't mind it because in the meantime, I'm getting intelligent, well-acted-and-written shows.

Yea, I've put too much thought into this, huh? But my point (and I do have one!) is the fact that TV isn't a total evil incarnation. I absolutely abhor that my niece has been raised by Nick Jr. and Sprout, and I wholeheartedly believe that for children, moderation and intelligent choices are key. But putting it entirely in a closet or throwing it out means missing out on excellent writing and acting that speaks to us and allows a healthy escape.

The above butter dish is an example of one we purchased today, in a gorgeous dark walnut, at the Craft Fair of the Southern Highlands. My freelance article at the Laurel resulted in a surprise in the mail - two free tickets to the fair! I'm glad we went, because now I know it's the type of thing that's worth the $8 and then some. Such an incredible amount of talent! Les found a beautiful leather wallet, and we splurged on the butter dish; and I came away with ideas for art and things we both want to learn to do.

Got our tickets in the mail today to the Mother Earth News Fair in September. Time to start really planning that trip!

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