Monday, June 03, 2013


I'm a person who benefits from a 2-day weekend (or break). The results are in. I've taken the last 2 or 3 weekends off, and the focus on Mondays is excellent.

This was a tiring, but good weekend. Quite a bit of outdoor time (documented over at Dark Meadow), and while my eating habits have me a little more run-down, I'm rallying.

Taking the time for "me" stuff was energizing. Whether it was working on the plants or knocking out an unsolicited magazine essay, I felt like I was taking care of me, and that's most important, remembering to actually do that occasionally. The curse of working from home is always having the feeling that if you're not doing something to earn money, then you're a slacker. I'm slowly organizing my time better and getting over that nonsense.

When writing hits me spontaneously, it usually results in good stuff. I took a Narration and Description class in college, where our final paper was supposed to be this well-thought-and-planned-out essay with notecards and outlines and weekly updates on how it was coming. I couldn't manage to focus myself long enough to pull off all the preparatory work the professor wanted out of me. Weekend before it was due, the subject matter hit me and I cranked out 23 pages. Got a B+. Considering how I blew off all the prep work, that grade was a tad generous; but it punctuates how sometimes the best writing comes out of your fingertips onto the keyboard without a whole lot of overthinking attached.

That's what happened Saturday. I've been wanting to write an article for consideration for Taproot for a while now. I've got some pretty serious idol worship going on for the likes of Amanda, Ashley, Ben, and that crowd. Originally wanted to write for their GATHER issue, but its deadline came up too soon after the move. RECLAIM is next. Seems I can't get away with writing memoir-style (well, hey, they say write what you know...), as that's exactly what the essay turned out to be, but I like what I wrote and if they use it, great! If they don't, I'm still quite pleased with myself for applying to a national publication, and I have ideas for essays for the issue theme after that too.

Looking ahead to June this week...June is Dad's aorta anniversary, Dad's birthday, and Father's Day all in the same month. Some writing may come out of that too. Then there's the family reunion for Mom's side, which is thankfully being held in Asheville this year, so we can attend finally and see folks. Les has met almost no one on that side of the family, and it's been 20 years since I've seen a lot of them. Should be a fun, albeit dysfunctional time :)

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