Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday Observances

It's June 14. We had the windows open last night.

It's noon. They're still open, and I'm not sweating yet. I could weep with how delicious that is.

Other's people's ACs kick on occasionally, drowning out momentarily the noisy, chattery birds in the trees. The sun dips in and out. I can hear them clear cutting down on the road, or it might be a neighbor landscaping...the guy across the creek from us runs some kind of contracting business half out of his home. Still, these noises don't jar my ears or thoughts.

I stepped out front just cuz, put one of the chairs on the pavement and just sat for a couple of minutes. Felt the sun and then the breeze. Chatted up the handyman briefly. He must have a contract with the property management company, because he was just looking around the building for stuff to tackle next week. The indoor/outdoor rug outside our front door needs gluing down.

I popped back inside, went to reheat my coffee, discovered a daddy longlegs on my right sleeve. There was a bit of jumping around, and he flew off onto the floor and headed quickly to under the dishwasher. I didn't bother to go after him...I'll still take a daddy longlegs in the house over a Florida cockroach, everyday and twice on Sundays. I don't mind the bugs up here, just don't like them hitching rides on me.

My legs are still tired from the monthly hormonal enslavement, but I change clothes and lace up hiking shoes anyway, for a walk down the road. It's too pretty to be inside today. Yesterday, the power went out briefly and I was struck by how at-loose-ends I was without electronics at my disposal. Ended up playing games on the Kindle, instead of walking, reading, or knitting while I waited for power to come back on. That shit's gotta change.

I'll work Sunday, because we have the family reunion next weekend; and I need to prep for a Monday interview, but there will be lots of outside time too, drinking in nature, talking to the plants, getting some Vitamin D.

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