Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Midweek wanderings

I swear the most annoying part of trying out homeopathic remedies is figuring out how much is too much.

This happened once before: I misread the instructions on a box of Coldcalm and took so much of the stuff that it set me emotionally shattery for like, 36 hours. I like to say that it felt like something was fucking with my chi.

I'm still weaning off Paxil and trying some natural supplements to take the edge off. One of the things my doc recommended was drinking tulsi tea. I bought the green version recently, which tastes wonderful, but I learned that mainlining it as iced tea, glass after glass ... my body doesn't like that so much.

Yesterday, I. was. shredded. Same absence of chi, like someone took the damn thing out to be cleaned and didn't tell me. Zero focus, felt like crap, headachy, couldn't find anything to eat that improved the sitch. Woke up this morning still feeling the effects, so I switched from coffee to regular tea, had a good breakfast and lunch, and rallied nicely mid-morning. One of those times where you feel so much better, it punctuates how much you felt like crap previously.

Not sure what prompted the not-wanting coffee this morning, but I'm liking it. Going to see if I can keep that up. Had 3 cups of tea instead, so my head hasn't revolted yet from the less caffeine.

Hit the Weaverville tailgate market today and was pleasantly surprised. Small, but lots of actual farmers. Picked up spinach from two different places, plus swiss chard, breakfast sausage from pastured pigs, and eggs. Looking forward to a serious salad for dinner, and eggs with sausage and spinach tomorrow morning.

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