Thursday, March 28, 2013

Seems like Old Times

I was scoffing at my Yankee friends on FB earlier this week, because they were whining about getting more snow. We got snow here 3 nights in a row, and it snowed steadily all day Monday. Yea, the new hasn't worn off yet for me here, so I was more excited than put-out...but point is, all I could think is, why are they whining? Because the overgrown rat (groundhog) in Pennsylvania said Spring would come early this year? Up in Warren (CT), we knew not to get our hopes up until after mid-April; there was usually one more good dump of snow at the top of that month. Folks gotta get a grip.

Heheh...see if I'm still singing the same tune after a couple of winters here. I admit I've completely forgotten what cabin fever feels like.

It's warming up today, but I still ain't putting out any plants til the middle of May. Then again, still haven't gotten around to starting's rather epic how I procrastinate on the things that actually blow my skirt up...

This week is sites, 2! freelance articles, taxes (more procrastination), and strawberry jam. Trying roasted Brussels sprouts tonight. Starting a cowl with my first Rowan yarn, a wonderfully soft alpaca/cotton mix that I found at the Black Mountain Yarn Shop, which falls under the heading of "must steer clear on payday." Gorgeous, little store, friendly folks, very well stocked. Once winter's past, may try the route over the Blue Ridge Parkway to get there one day.

Black Mountain doesn't feel like it's in a valley, but you are surrounded by mountains on all sides. Charming town, amazing scenery! Weaverville's a small town, but Black Mountain is a community.

Stuff is starting to bud here, the daffodils are blooming. When I can tear myself away from the laptop, I'm going down the road to grab some of that free mulch and work it into the front bed. Seed starting WILL occur this weekend; I'm commandeering the kitchen table, putting the electric blanket on top, and rocking the seeds!

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