Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Yesterday, Monday, was hard, then easy. I didn't sleep well the night before, and my butt dragged til like noon. Once I threw real clothes on and the coffee kicked in though, I was a machine, editing sites, creating new work goals for myself, working hard. If the opportunities aren't going to come quickly enough, then I'm just going to have to make more money at what I'm doing now, and that means more hours on the laptop.

So naturally, the mominlaw wants to come up this weekend and bring the niece. She's 6. And given the way she's being raised, suffers from a healthy dose of attachment disorder and ADHD. Beautiful kid, but not the most low-maintenance individual you'll meet.

I don't mind at all that we finally have a place where people actually want to come visit, and where it's feasible. My only request is that we be given a chance to miss them first. It's been every 3 weeks since we got here, and it's finally going to interfere with my work. I was able to make do, closed up in the bedroom, when Mom J. was here last time, but with the squirt too? Ain't gonna happen. I'm checking the hours at the local libraries and making myself scarce. She may be retired, but I've gotta put bread on the table.

In spite of that latest wrinkle in my peace, I still find myself stopping a sec, listening to the quiet of the apartment or going for a wander outside, and recognizing how truly happy I am here. If I make my quota of sites today, I'm taking off a bit early to jaunt downtown, where a local bakery is throwing an anniversary/Mardi Gras shindig. Even if it doesn't lead to acquaintances, it's a chance to get outta the house and say, "hi, I'm Melanie, we just moved here," to people. There's worries in the back of my mind, about getting insurance and a new pain doc for Les, about making ends meet, but I don't regret for a moment finally having the strength to say "this move is going to happen." I'm incredibly happy.

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