Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Mental meanderings or work avoidance

Still no focus to speak of. Last week was amazing! Nailed my quotas on Saturday with such a feeling of satisfaction! This week, my brain's elsewhere and it needs to get its arse back to the laptop.

The good news is if I maintain said quotas, I think we can afford insurance AND still eat occasionally. The bad news of course, being that there's no decent work prospects yet beyond freelancing. I'm not worried yet, but talk to me in another 2 months...like after my first quarterly tax payment...

I asked my landlord about putting raised beds in the mulched area in front of my place. Received no response yet. I'm taking that to mean, "play it safe and container garden." Not a bad thing, just limits my seed selection...but given how easy it is to get carried away, especially on your first real gardening season, that can really only be a positive. May not be harvesting squash this year, but you can bet I'm trying my hand at climbers like beans and peas.

No reason for these...just bored...


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